I’m still waiting for Christians in Singapore to show equal passion for protecting “the family” from the sins of adultery, divorce, and premarital sex as they are doing for homosexuality. It’s disgusting to see the callous comments by some Christians about “the gay” when they have been so silent on worse vices. Divorce and adultery have destroyed countless families and is explicitly denounced by Jesus. What is FCBC doing about the increasing normalisation of divorce and adultery?

It sickens me to see Christians pick and choose their battles and then behave like they have it all figured out. Homosexuals are an easy target for Christians who want to feel good about themselves for fighting a self-perceived crusade “for God”. The law already oppresses gays, you can use derogatory terms against them and go unpunished, and you can make them scapegoats for YOUR own broken families (which they didn’t do anything to harm at all). It’s so easy to fight “the gay” and feel good about yourself for doing it “for God”. But I don’t believe in a God who crushes the oppressed.

If you are for morality and protecting “the family”, then openly state your opposition to divorce and adultery, and state your desire to re-criminalise them. But why aren’t you loud Christians doing that? Why are you targeting the particular group of homosexuals instead? Cos you are fucking wimps. You’re cowards. You know that if you publicly attacked the divorcee and the adulteress, you will meet your match. So you choose to attack the easy target of homosexuals who are already oppressed in society by prejudice, legislation, and caricature. You’re hypocrites. You know that the Bible holds no difference between heterosexual lust and homosexuality, but you choose the attack the easier target cos you can get away more easily with that.

Fuck you, I say. Fuck you and your moral high horse. I completely respect and defend your right to hold and speak your views, but fuck you and your hypocrisy. Don’t you dare claim to represent God.

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