PM Lee has filed a court application for a summary judgement against blogger Roy Ngerng late yesterday night (10 Jul)

If PM Lee is successful in getting a summary judgement against Roy, a lengthy trial would be avoided.

Mr Lee is currently suing Roy for defamation over information posted by Roy on his blog, The Heart Truths.

To avoid summary judgment being entered against Roy, Roy has to show that the dispute concerns a triable issue or that there is some other reason for going into trial.

In the application, Mr Lee’s lawyers sought damages and asked the court to stop Roy from publishing or disseminating allegations that Mr Lee is guilty of criminal misappropriation of the monies paid by Singaporeans to the CPF.

On the grounds of this court application, Mr Lee’s lawyers added that Roy has no defence and the only issue to be determined is damages.

Mr Lee’s lawyers also provided the affidavits of seven others, together with Mr Lee’s, in support of this application:

It’s unclear what is the relationship between these 7 people and Mr Lee.

Mr Lee is also seeking costs from Roy.

“The Court has jurisdiction and this is the proper case to determine the natural and ordinary meaning of the offending words and images,” Mr Lee’s submission said.

Roy had earlier complied with demands made by Mr Lee, including issuing an apology, removing the offending article and four others, and making an offer of compensation, which was subsequently rejected by Mr Lee, who described the S$5,000 offer as “derisory.”

Mr M Ravi, who is Roy’s lawyer, will resist Mr Lee’s application for summary judgement. He said, “As Roy’s lawyer I will be making submissions to vigorously resist the prime minister’s application for summary judgement.”

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