You are old, retired and you have to engage a housing agent to sell your home (whatever it may be, landed or apartment or HDB) that you have been staying for so long and attached to, because you need the money to service your retirement at a reasonable comfort level.

(There are many pioneer generation holding ordinary jobs staying in small landed properties which they acquire at an affordable price very early in their working life or they inherited it).

Imagine the hassle of going through a property sale when you are coming nearer to your grave.

Imagine the sadness of having to tear yourself away from your familiar surroundings and neighbours and friends.

What if you can’t find a buyer, or get a buyer willing to pay a reasonable price.

Property price goes up and down, so what happens if you are exiting during a downturn in property prices.

What guarantee do you have that you can adapt and like your new home and environment.

I know of a case where this old lady move to a new HDB flat following her son and family, pining for her old apartment as she simply could not adjust to the new HDB flat and environment and finally falling seriously ill leading to her death.

The rich elites do not have to move out, so they are spared the anxiety, discomfort and agony of relocation at an advance stage of their lives. Do they understand how bothersome, troublesome and upsetting it can be for the old folks.

Now the common advice you hear near to retirement is “if you do not have enough money for a comfortable retirement, sell your property and downgrade”, as if it is that simple.

We have become a “throwaway society” like what Alvin Toffler said. No feelings, no sentiments?

We are losing our attachment to our homes, our past, our history, our memories, thanks to our elitist caretakers who have turned us into economic digits, economic animals.

Is this peculiar only to Singapore society where reselling of homes for retirement expenses seems to be the norm, or is this happening also in other countries.

Retirees deserve a quiet peaceful exit from a lifetime of labour instead of unnecessary excitement, stresses and headaches and heartaches of selling their properties at that point in their lives.

Is this the position you would like to get yourself into at the tail end of your lives.

Let us retire in peace, please

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