Ten biggest con jobs in Singapore:-

1. Stop at two campaign – population birth control campaign in the 1970s by ensuring that Singaporeans give their best to a small family. We all are paying the price now…

2. Gifted educational programme – children will be segregated after primary school education and go to gifted secondary school programme based on their school result. The best will learn better together but this breeds dangerous elitism too.

3. Central Provident Fund – savings parked away for retirement needs with interest. But money can’t be seen so far. Medishield, Medishield Life, Pioneer Generation Package anyon√©?

4. Housing development board – build-to-order flats selling at discount compared to prevailing resale market rate. $300,000 BTO flats for all. Who wants to pay so much for a shoebox?

5. Population white paper – bring in foreigners so more jobs can be created. They also take away our jobs, homes and destiny
6. Million-dollar ministerial pay – pay them well so they won’t be corrupted. They get so rich that they lost touch with the ground.

7. Presidential election – president will be custodian of all our reserves in case opposition takes over and bankrupt all the money. Is there any more money left in the first place?

8. ISD – still necessary for terrorist-related cases only. Its really meant to be a threat to those who are vocal against the government.

9. GRC – necessary to preserve balanced racial disposition. Its tough to penetrate a GRC for the opposition and so far only WP won in Aljunied.

10. HLP – can protest there only in case riots take place for open protest. Its meant to deter and check open dissent which can lead to anything.

Gilbert Goh

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