Hosted by Germaine Eliza Ong and Jolene Tan

With the recent hubbub about books in the news, this is a great time to get together and make a peaceful statement about how much we – and our kids – love to read.

Bring your child and his/her favourite books down to the National Library atrium (outdoor area, near the Hanis cafe), where we’ll all be reading together.
Copies of And Tango Makes Three and Who’s In My Family? will be available to share. If you have copies to share, please bring them along too. And if you have a stuffed toy penguin, do bring it along too. <(") If you can't make it down that day, show your support by reading with your child at home. Post a photo on this event page if you can! If you aren't a parent, please feel free to bring your cousin, niece/nephew, godchild - or any other child in your life with whom you'd like to share your love of reading. And if you would like to attend but the child(ren) in your life can't make it, perhaps you could pop into the library, check out a book you loved as a child, and join us anyway! Location: Hanis @ NLB

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