We have watched the media’s one-sided coverage regarding NLB’s decision to pull out two books from its shelves and are dismayed.

NLB’s decision to remove the books has nothing to do with inclusivity but everything to do with children’s interest.

Children are unable to evaluate homosexual content and stimulus at their age. They are also one of the core clienteles of our libraries. NLB owes them the responsibility to be prudent in the selection of books.

It is only right that NLB acts upon its duty of looking after the interests of children.

The library is the place where every parent encourages their children to hang out at. It is a trusted place where virtues and values that matter to family are built, strengthened and spread.

It should not be a place where parents are afraid that their child would be compromised in his vulnerability.

It should not be a place where all kinds of sub-cultural beliefs or behaviours are promoted at the expense of children – not in the name of inclusivity, political correctness; anything.

This was what brought the complaints from parents and the public in the first place.

Notwithstanding the fact that there may be others who feel differently about those books, NLB is held by their responsibility and needed to perform their duty with impartiality.

The flak they are receiving, perpetuated by an undiscerning media showcasing only one-sided interviews, is undeserved.

Hence, we speak out in support for them.

Thank you, NLB for upholding your role with clarity and integrity!

– by Singaporeans United for Family (

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