by Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

SINGAPORE – Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has announced it has removed the “buddy system” from its combat doctrine with effect from today (10 July).

In a press statement to the media, SAF spokesperson reiterated they are constantly reviewing its training procedures to ensure the SAF is “keeping up with the times”. The “buddy system” is a traditional military doctrine which requires individual soldiers to function in pairs during training and operations to ensure safety and accountability.

“The SAF is concerned that the buddy system which requires individual soldiers to be devoted to another soldier interferes with their mental development,” spokesperson Brigadier-General Yee Ker Xing replied in a e-mail interview, ” We would like our conscript soldiers lead a healthy lifestyle that allows them to transit normally into civilian life after they completed their mandatory service.”

The latest move by SAF coincides with National Library Board’s removal of three children books which were criticised by pro-family groups as “anti-family” and “pro-gay”. One of the books, “And Tango Makes Three” is based on a true story that tells the story of a pair of gay penguins which incubated a young bird and regarded it as their offspring.

“Finally the army wake up already!” cheered Lance Corporal Hock Kian Peng, “My instructor always tell me must eat, sleep and shower with my buddy you know! Then they forced us to sleep together in a small tent in field camp for 7 days you know! So gay!”

However, Brigader-General Yee declined to reveal the upcoming changes to the training doctrine, citing operational concerns.

“Maybe army should also stop telling me my rifle is my wife lah!”, Lance Corporal Hock added, “I look at my rifle cannot stim, how to marry? how to buy hdb then claim baby bonus, you tell me? PAP give money you don’t take meh? Siao.”

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