Dear Editors,

There are many others who know the requirements and circumvent the Singapore immigration system.

Once case is an Indonesian Chinese who was granted a PR as she declared her self as a Yoga Instructor. Her family departed for Adelaide in Australia, while she chose to stay here.

In essence she is a ‘hooker’ on call – managed by a syndicate and a (un) real estate agent with DW.

She continues to live in a rented flat – and continues with her ‘profession’.

She is usually ‘picked up’ by car by the syndicate to the customer.

She is crafty and is very enterprising. She usually gets her clients to buy clothes as gifts and send it by sea mail. She now has a fashion shop in Indonesia.

Syndicates know that open soliciting is unlawful. That’s why they pick her up to the destination of the client e.g. Vivo City away fro her rented premises in Eunos Court.

There are more like her using the same tactics and live in rented premises.

Why do I speak of her? I discovered her nonsense within 2 months of her stay in my relative’s home.

Checks are not made to confirm their reported working address. Once they get a PR, they can claim they are a Freelance Yoga Teacher.

MHA must verify the status of these crafty girls and use technology to trace their movements using GPS.

Many Real Estate Agents are also involved. They look for quiet neighborhoods for their female clients engaged in this trade.

Saga continues

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