PAP’s Election Campaign Has Begun

PAP 2016 election campaign has gained more visibility.

First came the tweaks and changes which has caught Douglas Chua’s eyes causing him to sing endless praises in 2 letters he wrote to the MSM.

Visibility came into more focus with the “affordable” MediShield revamps.

Followed by the Pioneer Generation Package, to which it was added to by some PAP members, Pioneer Unionists recognition.

Then there was the “evoking” of historical events of SG, mounted by the repetition of the MacDonald House bombing, the naming of the Indonesian warships from which the PAP tried to milk an apology from the Indons, but Hen got a slap instead when he ‘welcomed’ a non-existent apology.

The other evokes were ‘good deeds done to the Nicoll Highway hero’ (while I have due respect to those who were affected). How about linking the case of the woman losing 100s of 1000s of donation money?

Before that, W Fernandez called us to look to the past for the future.

Yesterday, the dam was opened to review dialects – in which PM was quoted to have said that there is room for dialects. Question is where was this room for many years, and how did this room now get created?

Today, the Today paper roped in a letter speaking for allowing of dialects. This vote-gathering dialect tool definitely is aimed at older folks, perhaps as a deviating agenda to shift focus of older folks from their CPF moneys.

Is this bringing back of dialects a vote buying strategy?

Anyone do NOT see what I see?

I LoVe Singapore

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