Lonely boy in Singapore turns to gay partner

He was not allowed to leave the house after school as his mother worried for him. -The Star/ANN

A lonely teenager in Singapore, not allowed to leave home without his mum’s permission, invited another boy to his house one day and the two eventually became lovers, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

The mother had restricted the movements of her 13-year-old son and always told him he had to stay home after returning from school.

She thought it was the safest way to keep him out of trouble or getting involved in vice activities. Only the maid was at home while both the boy’s parents went to work.

The mother would call several times a day to ensure he was either at school or at home.

However, due to loneliness, the young teenager invited a classmate to his home and the two boys later became a “couple” and had gay sex at the house for the past three years.

The mother never realised her son had a gay partner as she thought there would not be any problem with the boy for as long as he stayed home.

The affair was only known when her son called a counselling centre for help after the other boy ditched him for another gay partner.

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