A reader sent in the following photos recently. The reader was in Chong Pang near the market, which is located in Yishun.

He came across a large board probably setup by grassroots leaders in the area, asking for feedback from the residents.

It said:

“Tell Us About Your Ideal Elderly Wellness & Care Centre”

Indeed, according to a ST report last month (‘Three new wellness and care centres for the elderly in Nee Soon‘), 3 new wellness and care centres for the elderly are slated to be setup in Nee Soon GRC, with the first of these expected to be operational by early 2015.

The three centres will be located in Housing Board void decks in Chong Pang, Nee Soon Central and Nee Soon East.

Besides wellness services such as health screenings and exercise facilities, the centres will have day care, dementia care and nursing care for the elderly. The first centre is a partnership between St Luke’s ElderCare, Ministry of Health, Agency for Integrated Care, Alexandra Health System, HDB and the Chong Pang grassroots organisations. This is part of Nee Soon GRC’s campaign to celebrate the Pioneer Generation.

As it turned out, instead of giving suggestions as to what kind of facilities and services the Nee Soon residents want for their elderly wellness and care centres, they were pouring out their anger on the board.

Following are some of the photo shots taken of the board, forwarded by the TRE reader:

“(Giving) more care centre(s) not enough now”

“Should not control CPF too much, should not raise minimum sum every year, CPF is people’s sweat and blood money! Hope PAP listen to people, don’t be too bureaucratic!!!” (in Chinese).

“Don’t make them work till they die”

“Reject PWP, return our CPF”

“CPF is people’s hard earned money”

“Care for the elderly”

“No Filipinos” (in Chinese)

“Organize activities such as (for example), visit to SPCA if they like pets, visit to orphanage if they like children”

“Please love your parents and take care of them”

“Tie up with schools for students to volunteers at the centres”

“Provide more free TCM medical services…”

“Indian foreign workers too many” (in Chinese)

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