2,600 Foreigners Renounced PR to Escape NS in Last 5 Years

Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen said in Parliament today that over the past five years, about 2,600 second-generation male permanent residents (PRs) have renounced their PR status before serving National Service (NS).

He was speaking in response to a question by Mr Arthur Fong, a Member of Parliament for West Coast GRC.

Mr Fong had asked, among the 532,000 PRs in Singapore in 2013, how many children of these PRs served or is serving NS, and how many relinquished their PR status.

Dr Ng said that it was not appropriate to look at the total number of PRs in Singapore when answering this question, as it includes people not liable for NS, such as female PRs and first-generation PRs.

Instead, he said that over the past five years, about 7,200 males who became PRs under the sponsorship of their parents, or the so-called second-generation PRs liable for NS, have enlisted for and served NS.

In the same period, he said about 2,600 NS-liable PRs renounced their status prior to serving NS.

In other words, over 25 per cent of NS-liable PRs renounced their status.

Dr Ng said that, as the Ministry of Defence cautioned, these former PRs will “face serious adverse consequences when they subsequently apply to study of work in Singapore.

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