I wish I was an Indian National A*Star scholar instead of a Singaporean.

If I wasn’t a Singaporean, I wouldn’t have to pay for my own school fees. I also wouldn’t have to apply for a bank loan for my tertiary studies in future like my elder brother did, even though he got 3As and 1B for his A-level results.

If I were a foreign scholar, I could study for free in Singapore, get free housing and free allowance. A Singaporean student gets As and still must find his own way to pay his school fees and living expenses. A foreigner can get a free ride.

If I were a foreign scholar, I can live off Singaporean taxpayers and do not need to do National Service after A-levels or Poly. National Service is a waste of time and a burden. NS is a waste of time because unlike my father’s generation, I am no longer defending Singaporeans anymore. I am defending foreigners who get treated better by a Singapore government simply because they are not Singaporeans.

Even my father says so. My father finished his NS and reservist cycle. In the end, he has to work under a foreign boss who openly favours foreigners, especially his own kind. My father says the number of Singaporeans in his office is shrinking every year. They have been replaced by foreigners who are not cheaper, but simply because they are foreigners. The boss even openly says he does not welcome Singaporean applicants because they have to do reservist and it affects work. Such things did not happen 20 years ago. Now, more and more foreign bosses feel that way. But they are smart enough not to say it in front of a Singapore minister, who is stupid enough to think that they really support Singaporean staff going away for reservist.

I know all these because my parents fight over money often. How can they not, when cost of living is going up much faster than salary, and my father is living in constant fear that his job will soon be given to a foreigner? He always say the writing is on the wall.

My father predicted that if one day Singapore goes to war, when all the Singaporean soldiers return from reservist, they will find themselves all fired by their foreign bosses in the name of ‘restructuring’. He says that as long as the company uses the right phrase, MOM will not question why. So far, the government has not stopped my father’s foreign boss from firing Singaporeans and giving the jobs to his own countrymen.

If our country continues to treat foreigners better than citizens, when war comes, then ask our foreign scholars and foreign bosses to fight for Singapore. We give them so much benefits. My brother says that for every one scholarship that we give to a Singaporean student, we probably are giving out at least 5 to a foreigner.

I wish I was a foreign student instead of a Singaporean. I don’t have to do NS and I have a much better chance of getting a good scholarship instead of a cheap, derisory bursary, even though my school results and CCA results are as good as the foreigner.

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