In my coy, when I distribute out assignments to the workers or follow up on status of progress( i have more than 65 white collars indians, chinese and malays combined under me in the HQ, that is not acccounting for the 2000+ others in the worksop ), the most likely outright responds from malays are :

1. Tunggu ya…(Wait yaa…)
2. Belum selesai…(Haven’t finish yet..),, that is despite given ample of period to work on the task.
3. Yang mana ya, gak Tauuuu…(Which one you mean? Dunno knowww.. *Have to emphasize on the Tauuu, they like to stretch it out )

Yet in the case for indians and chinese, they are so contrastingly different from the malays when it comes to attitude towards work. The indians are rather quiet when they are not humming bollywood songs in your presence, but are very efficient engineers and can generate insightly reports on a quick notice. chinese, on the other hand, tries hard to impress you with the amount of efforts they put in and tries to get quick promotion/pay rise.

The irony is, after having years of daily interactions with the malay workers, I found that most malays, at least among those thousands that i know of, have very high-aiming wants, but does not have the same level of drive to turn them into reality. Those in my companies keep brochures of Ducati motorcycles, they often discuss which one they will buy….or say which house(ruko) in which district they hope to move into in the future…but after years of working they are still in the same position, refusing to accept higher post that comes with more burden( and also much more pay ).

On the other hand, I have known chinese who formerly worked in the delivery division, up to storeman, up to sales sub-section assistant, and within 5 years become a chief tender manager who now manages tens of millions(USD) worth of deals monthly. The other chinese i know worked for the metal processing in workshop, and after decades of effort, and is now a senior specification technician and tender manager, setting specifications for some of the largest oil refineries in southeast asia. Why cant I find these amongst the malays?

Sometimes i ponders hours on end why malays so inefficient when it comes to work, in fact I just becomes so frustrated by the work of one malay that I bang my table so hard yesterday morning. Even after pointing out her mistakes that almost cost me a 800k tender, her respond is : apa boleh di buat ? ( what can we do about it ? )

It is not as if they are not educated. They also graduated from university, as do all my other chinese and indians underlings. But I felt they are so useless, slow and thick-skinned. Am I a racist ?

sayang_pillow [HWZ]

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