Isn’t this a tacit admission that the government screwed up big time the past decade? Why show us these freaking numbers of more locals employed while FT growth slowed now? I don’t trust these bloody numbers.

I have been displaced as a senior executive in a MNC four years back and am still unemployed. Information that I got is that the MNC that I worked for has increased it’s expatriates management staff by a whopping one hundred and twenty. It used to have only five. Understand that EDB funded the relocation expenses of these expatriates to the tune of hundreds of millions.

In addition to this absurdity, foreign staff of junior executives in the same company has grown by twenty per cent mainly from the Philippines and China. EDB chairman Leo Yip said a few months back that EDB is encouraging MNCs to train and promote locals into leadership positions. How so when the same company brought in a hundred and twenty expats up from five, freely allowed in by the government?

On the other hand government link companies have foreigners heading our very own iconic institutions. Good examples are Dr. Nigel Taylor of the Botanic Gardens. Dr. Wolfgang Baeir of Singpost, Piyush Gupta of DBS, Magnus Bocker of SGX, Simon Israel of Temasek Holdings, Steven Fawshaw of Temasek Holdings and too many to enumerate.

At the same time, unemployed e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) asked that I re-skill and up-skill to positions in the security, F&B attendants, cleansing sectors. It is downright demeaning and a gross indignation. Tripartite Alliance For Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP) and the coming Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) are all but farce to temper the escalating hostility of the unemployed and underemployed locals. We will have none of these and will certainly make our votes count the coming GE to right the wrong done on us. There is no two ways about it!

Unemployed Singaporean

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