Leave it to the secular mass media to employ all manner of underhanded, unscrupulous tactics to try to drag even what is holy and good through the mud.

His Grace’s beautiful, moving and exceptionally well-written pastoral letter could have been a unifying force and a doorway to the healing of wounds and divisions and the opening of genuine dialogue.

Instead, Yahoo News has seized upon just one standalone line in the pastoral letter to create a sensationalist headline, which as we speak has already been celebrated by those seeking to attack the Church at every opportunity as ‘evidence’ of the Church’s supposed admission of error in its teachings on this subject. Naturally, such quarters of society do not trouble themselves with reading the full pastoral letter, and the ‘news’ article itself reports His Grace’s beautiful and compassionate teaching in such a fragmented and incoherent way such that the Church’s message is lost, and instead all the focus is instead on the ‘apology’. It is mystifying how the pastoral letter could have been so grossly distorted in such a way.

The Church’s virulent critics have been feverishly sharing this article among their confederates (I know this because I am acquainted with some of them), and using it as a justification and rallying point for reinforcing their hatred and contempt for the Church and fortifying the very divisions in society which they have created.

And of course, dysfunction begets dysfunction and evil begets evil, and the Today paper appears to have also taken its cue from the Yahoo article to concoct an even worse headline which appears to misrepresent His Grace as having made an outright, upfront admission of ‘insensitivity’:

*****If you share either of these ‘news’ articles, please make it ABSOLUTELY clear in your accompanying comments that they are highly distorted and unfair reporting. Thanks.*****

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