Will adding new buses improve the horrible services commuters have to endure everyday. No. Even if the whole fleet is replaced by new buses, the poor service will not go away. It will cause bus fare to go up.

The reason is simple. Commuter are not complaining about old and run-down buses.

They are complaining about having to waiting too long at bus stops, buses failing to stop and then find three buses coming at the same time, overcrowding at peak hours, buses NEVER on schedule, and other poor services caused by bus operators’ failure to fix the operational problems and caused by their inefficiencies. These commuter’s complaints have been going on for decades now.

The root of the problem is I think there is NO competition. If commuter had to suffer poor service. Too bad. Just too bad.

Commuter complain to the government. But what can the government do. They tried their best by arranging special bus lanes, allowing bus companies to employ foreign drivers, allowing supplement buses to operate during peak hours etc, etc and now changing the whole fleet of buses (which the bus companies will use as an excuse to increase fare)

When there is competition, like those in other countries, bus companies listen to their customers, the commuters. they make improvements. If they don’t, they go out of business.

In Singapore, we have to pay much higher bus fares…and we pay for one of the worse service in the world. Like the inefficiency found in communist countries…such monopoly is worse than bus services ran by communist regimes.


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