Dear Editors,

It looks like we have regressed back to the days when the Fujian Junk from China arrived, the Indian ships sailed in and met the natives from Singapore. These were the days where the ‘chicken and ducks’ concepts was born where nobody understood each other.

Let me explain:

I went to the SPC petrol station at Sembawang where the cashier is PRC who can’t speak a word of English. While I was queuing to pay for my petrol, an old Malay uncle who was in front of me, was struggling to converse with the cashier. Let me just state for the record, that though he’s old, probably 65, he could speak English.

As there were no other cashiers around to translate, I had to step in and assist.

Although the cashier was polite and pleasant, she was unable to communicate.

Next year we’re turning 50 years old and we have one of the world’s best education system in place. Yet such things are happening, as a nation we are responsible for the country we have built, and for its people.

Being a multi-racial society, it is English that binds us all. Recently MOM tightened its foreign worker policy, did they forget English as one of the criteria? Isn’t this outright discrimination against the non- Chinese in Singapore? It is bad enough that many jobs require you to speak mandarin nowadays because of our relations with China, but to think that we have brought that rule to our own shores now, in order to live in Singapore, I think we have failed as a nation to know who we really are.

Next year we should celebrate 50 years of not knowing who we are, AKA LOST.

Mdm Yee

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