SINGAPORE — A total of 361 government-funded buses have been added under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) as of June 30 to introduce new bus routes and improve existing bus services, the Land Transport Authority, SBS Transit and SMRT said yesterday.

This has helped reduce crowding, improve bus frequencies and provide better connectivity for commuters, they said in an update on the BSEP for the second quarter of the year.

The S$1.1 billion BSEP was announced in 2012, with the Government to buy and pay for the running costs of 550 additional buses. In March, the BSEP was expanded, with 450 more buses to be rolled out. Most of the additional buses will be in service by the end of 2016.

Between April and June, one existing route, service 11, was extended and three new City Direct Services were introduced, bringing the total number of new or extended routes under the BSEP to 29. Two more routes — in Hougang and Punggol — will be introduced by September.

To reduce crowding and waiting times, additional buses were deployed to 17 bus services during the morning and evening peak hours, increasing the frequency of weekly peak-hour bus trips to 240 during this period.

Nine Peak Period Short Services to bring residents in several estates to bus interchanges or MRT stations were also introduced, as was a new supplementary service, service 143M, overlaying existing service 143 between Jurong East Bus Interchange and Teban/Pandan Gardens.

Separately, public transport operators deployed higher-capacity buses and added more bus trips to improve 12 bus services. Seventy weekly peak-hour trips were added.

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