Dear Editors of All Singapore Stuff ,

What are your options when you are confronted with an overwhelming foreign presence that threatens the existence of Singapore but you are also expected to keep the economy going at the same time?

The purpose of my campaign (1 year so far) is to show concerned Singaporeans the way to achieve a smaller foreign population and less injustice against the locals without having to sacrifice the overall economy.

Wherever possible, my proposed measures will incorporate compassion for certain foreigners but my priority is still Singapore.

1. A 5-year breather (pause) in accepting new Permanent Residents and Citizens

The breather will stop new immigrants, along with their entire 3-generation families, from settling here and further alienating the local population. It will, hopefully, help in the integration process of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants in recent years.

a. Children of Singapore Citizens born overseas
b. Those who have completed full-time NS

2. Remove the privilege of sponsoring dependents from work pass holders.

Currently, S Pass and EP holders who earn a minimum fixed monthly salary of $4000 can sponsor their spouses and children here. EP holders who earn a minimum fixed monthly salary of $8000 are also allowed to bring in their parents.

By removing this privilege, we would have reduced the economically inactive foreign population.

EP holders with Personalised Employment Pass (PEP-minimum fixed monthly salary of $12 000) can continue to sponsor their spouses and children, but not their parents, in order to sustain the international schools in Singapore.

3. Remove the privilege to hire foreign maids (FDW) from non-citizen households

This will significantly reduce the economically non-essential foreigners in Singapore. It can also reduce the size of foreign enclaves on Sundays such as the one at Orchard Road.

a. Households with children below the age of 13.
b. Households with elderly above the age of 70.
c. Households with certified handicapped members.

4. No more passes for Study Mamas and foreign students in private schools

Scrapping the controversial Study Mama scheme will reduce the economically irrelevant foreign population and, more importantly, lower social tension.

To enhance the reputation of our education hub status (or wannabe), Student Pass holders will be limited to mainstream schools, tertiary institutions and the international schools.

5. Abolish the foreign scholarship regime

No other aspect of our education system has managed to inflict so much grievances, injustice and anger on Singaporeans than this sacred cow.

Enough said.

6. “Hire Singaporeans only” for PME (Professionals, Managers and Engineers) positions in the Civil Service, Construction and Retail sectors

These sectors are virtually dependent on final demand IN Singapore, hence the goodwill of Singaporeans should be eagerly sought. The proposed measure will help absorb the legions of retrenched local PMEs who are currently unemployed or work in jobs like taxi-drivers.

The phasing out of foreign PMEs in the Construction and Retail industries will be carried out over 2 years by not approving new applications and renewals of passes.

7. Ban foreign-owned and foreign-run employment agencies in Singapore

These agencies contribute no added value to our economy and create hardships for Singaporeans by trapping them in contract jobs as well as siphoning away a hefty part of the remuneration from their contracted employers.

8. Seeking a consensus to remove the privilege of sponsoring parents from Permanent Residents

The presence of a large foreign elderly population puts a severe strain on our health infrastructure, resulting in long waiting time at our A&E wards, polyclinics, specialist appointments in addition to a bed shortage at our hospitals.

Feedback will be collated from Singapore Citizens to seek a consensus to bar the parents of PRs from settling here.

9. No more additional dwelling units

As the existing stock and the supply of dwelling units (HDB, EC & residential) in the pipeline is able to accommodate a population of 6 million, no more units should be added as the above measures will have reduced the overall population from the current level. Furthermore, additional retail space and hotel rooms will be curbed as the supply is already sufficient to meet the STB’s target of 17 million visitors.

Within 5 years, the foreign construction workforce will be drastically reduced.

10. Impose 2-year limits with no renewals to more EP holders in more sectors.

This policy will provide an incentive for employers to hire, retain and groom locals for management positions within their organisations.

David Ching
A.S.S Contributor

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