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My friend had a terrible experience when he visited Food Republic at Westgate mall recently. This is his experience with a PRC hawker while patronizing a tutu kuah stall.

“This PRC hawker lady replied to me rudely when I wanted to clarify an issue regarding the kueh tu tu I bought. Initially I wanted to let it pass, but decided not to keep silent and tried to speak to her in my broken mandarin as i was a non-chinese Singaporean.

However, she insisted that I speak to her in Mandarin instead which really got my goat . The present PAP govt should have made it compulsory for foreigners to know about our laws and customs and at least make it mandatory for them to speak conversational english to non chinese singaporeans.

These are simple, practical issues that are important to us which the govt ignores and instead pursue huge grandiose projects, such as more malls, the jewel at changi airport, absurd COE prices, nuclear power, the foreign population influx etc

We do not want our memories to be erased by the demolition of familiar places we grew up with. We do not want every conceivable green patch of grass to be turned to concrete or replaced with a building. We do not want to live in taller buildings comprising of shoe box units. We are already suffocating living in a highly built environment.

We do not want to become second class citizens in our own country. Come down from your ivory tower, live among us and realize whats actually happening on the ground”


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