MediaCorp Actress Rumoured to Be A Car Sex Addict

According to a Chinese tabloid, though the actress appearance is of the ‘innocent’ type, she is actually quite ‘wild’ inside and has a high sex drive.

Not only did she have a few boyfriends in MediaCorp, she had many flings and one-night stands as well. Many a time, she could not wait to get home and had sex with men in the car under a street-lamp.

“She once had an intimate relationship with a drink seller, but dumped him eventually. Every time a group of male actors get together, they will inevitably talk about her ‘private areas’, a sign of how fast she changed boyfriends,” the informant said.

The actress was rumored to have gone overseas to advance her acting career, but was not very successful. She was reportedly one of the ‘Ah Jie’ or big names in MediaCorp and had the nickname of ‘Rocking car lady’ during her heyday.

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