Dear A.S.S,

I have applied many positions within the Civil Service but only received one rejected reply.

This job has the lowest salary and qualifications.

Yet, I was rejected.

If MOM can’t help much, I’m turning my direction towards the government.

Our government encourages Singapore employers to give priority to Singaporeans when it comes to hiring employees.

I am sure the civil sector would lead an example in helping jobless fellow Singaporeans.

It’s very sad.

Now, whenever I wake up, I always ask myself, “What ever happened to my beloved Singapore?”

A place where I always pick up litter whenever I see one.

I am shocked and dazed.

We, Singaporeans are like the lions in the Singapore Zoo.

Once they put wildlife lions in our cage, we have nowhere to run.

Many are chased out of the cage to go into the wilderness like Johor Bahru, Batam, Indonesia and Thailand.

Our zoo handler tells us to be competitive, to keep up.

They promised in-house training to let us catch up.

Can we?

Either we are starved to death or get out of the cage.

Or, we keep fighting with the wildlife lions, living in constant struggle.

I thought joining the civil sector would provide me a protection barrier against these wildlife animals.

They don’t play by the rules.

Every now and then, I have to watch my back constantly.

After all, it’s a jungle game out there.

Twenty years ago, I would have never guessed this coming.

I was so happy when Lee Hsien Loong became the PM.

I even prayed for his good health.

What a twist of fate, as now I must pray for my own survival.

I am asking you to post my letter to warn fellow Singaporeans.

Don’t laugh at your fellow Singaporeans and read their story like a gossip column.

One day, your turn will come.


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