The mistake in letting PRC nationals into Singapore as potential citizens is the thinking that they will easily integrate with Singapore’s majority Chinese population. This is unlikely to be the case. Maybe if it is a case of a PRC national who has married a Singaporean, but otherwise I think integration with Singaporean Chinese population, let alone other ethnic groups in Singapore is very difficult.

Instead of opening the doors to PRC nationals, we should have a revolving door sending back the vast majority of PRC nationals – maybe after a short work stint of 2-3 years if we need to let them in to work in the first place. Permanent settlement is a different issue, and if we are talking about East Asians to bring in, be they Chinese or whatever ethnic group, then instead of PRC nationals, consider instead: Malaysians, Bruneians, Indonesians, Hong Kongers & Macau counterparts, even of South Asian origin, Taiwanese even aboriginals

The mentality of overseas Chinese is just different from PRC nationals and more in tune with 3rd, 4th and 5th generation ethnic Chinese Singaporeans. PRC nationals are born and live through either into a undemocratic Communist system or a undemocratic Communist-turned-corporatist system that is difficult to fathom. Beyond that, there is the spitting, the non-queuing, the bad toilet habits, the reckless driving, the territorial games played and so on.

The government here might want the ‘hunger’ of PRC nationals for its economy. It is not worth it. Other immigrants have ‘hunger’ too, but not quite in the way the ‘hunger’ of some PRC nationals can manifest like this fighting and kicking incident.

I am not trying to say all PRC nationals turn out this way. I’m saying we have enough PRC nationals already and there could be more balance. The balance can be achieved by considering other nationals – some of the same ethnic background as majority Chinese – but that means basically drastically reducing the number of nationals from PRC in favour of these other nationals.

Some on this forum might say ‘no more from anywhere’ but so long as there’s an open door, let it be a revolving door, and let’s send back PRC nationals after 2-3 years rather than letting them have a Singapore passport & use Singapore as a stepping stone to the West.

For the PRC nationals keen to become Singaporeans incl. those already here, it should be 10 years to get a Singapore passport & not anything less, & there should be some proof of English speaking ability and proof of their effort to understand and connect with other ethnic groups in Singapore.

So I am not saying no to all PRC nationals, just that there has to be a serious rethink in having so many & now re-balance things out, logically by looking to other nationalities including overseas Chinese.

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