WP MP Lee Li Lian Schedules her Baby Delivery Only After MPS session

Punggol East MP Lee Li Lian, 36, who is also a WP MP, gave birth to her first child yesterday morning (1 Jul).

Named Karys Koh, the baby girl weighed 3.02kg at birth.

Li Lian wrote on her Facebook page yesterday [Link]:

“Welcome to the world, little one! There is no doubt that she is going to be the most amazing and gorgeous part of our lives. We are still cracking our head on her Chinese name.

Anyway we are given 2 weeks to register her birth I would like to take this opportunity to thank many residents who had offered their best wishes and advice during this period.

Going forward, like many mothers, I will have many challenges to face as well and like them, I will persevere to get through these obstacles!”

She also wrote in Mandarin, “After going through an unstable pregnancy, enduring frequent pregnancy rash, and after nine months of waiting, we finally welcomed our daughter’s arrival today!”

Like her mother, the baby was born in the Year of the Horse.

Congratulatory messages were pouring in onto Li Lian’s Facebook page from netizens:

According to a Facebook post by her husband, Ms Lee worked until the eve of her delivery, turning up for her Meet-the-People Session (MPS) on Monday night (30 Jun).

In fact, according to sources, Li Lian was advised to deliver her baby via cesarean section. She scheduled her delivery yesterday, 1 day after her MPS instead of before, so that she won’t miss Monday’s MPS.

During her confinement period, both WP chief Low Thia Khiang and Hougang MP Png Eng Huat will take turns to cover her MPS duties. She posted the following on her Facebook page yesterday:


This is to inform that I have smoothly delivered my baby girl this morning. During my confinement period, both MP Low Thia Khiang and Png Eng Huat will take turns to cover me for Meet the People Session (MPS) duties.

Like always, I am contactable via email at [email protected] or if you prefer to speak to me please call 6686 6221 during office hours and leave your contact details. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

Indeed, Punggol East residents must be very blessed to have such a hardworking MP, who is even willing to work during her confinement period through emails and phone calls.

Both MP Low Thia Khiang and Png Eng Huat are, of course, only covering Li Lian’s MPS duties temporary. After her confinement period, no doubt, she will be going back to her MPS duties of meeting the residents and helping them to settle their problems.

Some PAP MPs, however, are luckier. They are able to get other people to cover them for a very long extended period of time:

(Source: http://www.tptc.org.sg/meetmp.html)

Notices are even printed to inform the residents:

One Tanjong Pagar resident said:


Editor’s noteOn behalf of TRE, we would like to congratulate Li Lian for giving birth to her baby girl. We are glad that both mother and daughter are doing well :)

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