S’porean employee at the mercy of Indian FT manager in Citibank

Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for your swift reply.

I will provide more details.

I am currently working in CitiBank.

During the earlier years, we have a good blend of local and foreign talent from India, Philippines and Malaysia.

However, it all changed 2 years ago.

This was due to restructuring and cost cutting.

They only allow certain vendors to provide resource when hiring manager, including yours truly.

I have 6 people reporting to me and all are from India since I have no other alternative to hire resource.

The worst happened when my boss was asked to leave last year as management refresh alignment and they hired a new guy from India.

This person has high self esteem and never take his subordinates feedback into consideration. What’s more, he treats people whom are below his rank with no respect.

Now, he is targeting me as I’m the only local and non-Indian in the organization chart. He speaks and jokes loudly during meeting using only Indian language.

He’s oblivious to others. He shouts and uses abusive language when he wants work done by me and my team.

Latest update, he wanted to remove me claiming that I do not come up to his expectations.

All of my records with Citibank has always been beyond average. He has escalated to HR on the out-going process and I am now at mercy of this manager.

I have 2 babies to feed. I have a 2 month old baby and 2 year old toddler.

How could I quit in impulse?


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