SINGAPORE – They pitch their tents on weekends in broad daylight at East Coast Park.

And while families whizz by on bicycles and roller blades, or gather around their barbecue pits or on picnic mats, these couples go about turning their tents into cosy, convenient “instant” love nests.

Welcome to Singapore’s latest hangout for hanky panky, or in the words of one netizen, Singapore’s new “sexual camping ground”.

Of late, the grassy areas at the popular park have become a hit with couples, especially, it seems, foreign couples. They spend their day in tents pitched in the park.

This has been going on for a year now, according to some netizens, who have dubbed these tents “love nests”.

The New Paper went to areas C and D of East Coast Park on Sunday afternoon and saw at least 50 tents dotting the grass patches.

While about a dozen of them were occupied by locals, the rest seemed to be occupied by foreigners.

Some of these tents were fully zipped up with people inside, despite the afternoon heat.

And though the tents were in close proximity – some within steps of another – it was obvious the occupants had more than an innocent afternoon in mind.

TNP spotted one lovey-dovey couple – likely a Filipina and a foreign worker – embracing in one tent, oblivious to our stares.

In another tent, a woman was sitting on the lap of a shirtless man, again, oblivious to the world. Our observations were not that different from the ones made by Shin Min Daily News recently.

According to a report last Monday, a team from the Chinese evening daily spotted similar naughty activities in some of the tents pitched at East Coast Park.

One couple – reportedly foreigners – were even caught having sex inside a half-zipped tent, something criminal lawyers said could get them prosecuted.

But not everyone at East Coast Park was there for hanky-panky.

A group of Filipino women were huddled over some tidbits and soft drinks outside a tent at the park on Sunday afternoon.

They were having a farewell gathering for a friend who was returning to the Philippines.

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