I was at the Amsterdam airport passenger holding room last week to board SQ32x when the ground staff made a PA announcement that an elderly lady passenger had lost her pouch containing a large sum of money at the security screening area.

The ground staff asked if anybody could have taken her pouch by mistake. Nobody owned up and the security guys had to review the CCTV and they saw a middle-aged Asian lady putting the pouch in question, into her bag at the screening area.

Armed with this evidence, the ground staff managed to trace and find the Asian lady who was a Filipino. She was with another Pinoy awaiting to board the same aircraft.

When the pouch was found in her bag, the Pinoy lady denied putting it into her bag and said in her heavily Filipino accented English that someone had planted the old lady’s pouch in her bag. As passengers were boarding the plane then, the elderly woman decided not to press charges as she did not want to miss the flight. The Pinoy lady was allowed to board the plane.

I was really amazed at the thievery of this Pinoy woman and how cool she was when confronted by the staff in Amsterdam.

So, we may be “morons” but we are not as dishonest nor as blatant a liar as your countryman are reputed to be!

Donald Tan

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