MRT service: They just don’t understand the problem

The disconnect continues — the public’s idea of a better MRT experience and the operators’ idea, while quaint, are at complete odds.

So, here we go again. To spell it out, this is the public’s idea of a better MRT experience: Sufficient trains so there is enough space and no sardine packing.

This means more trains, more frequently, and absolutely minimal-to-no breakdowns in service.

This means a massive overhaul of maintenance standard operating procedures and a whole lot more functioning trains and competent maintenance and operating staff. This absolutely must be done since the Government is planning for a population of 6.9 million, and currently, at five million, we are nowhere close to efficient.

The most important element is to achieve this at prices that are affordable. This would translate to smiles all around, I completely assure you.

Buskers should be allowed to come naturally.

The current approach is artificial and will not achieve the intended effect unless the other parameters are effectively tackled first.

Hamish Brown

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