Three Manchester City supporters were at a coffeeshop discussing their club’s defeat of Arsenal after a match last December when a supporter of the other team confronted them over the noise they were making, saying they were on his “operational ground”.

A group of unidentified people then appeared and attacked the trio, all of whom had to be sent to hospital.

One of the three, technician Roger Lian Yong Hong, 32, was hit with a metal pole. He was cut on his forehead and swelling in the back of his head.

On Tuesday, Mr Lian’s attacker, Lim Leng Hwee, 38, was fined $4,000 after pleading guilty to voluntarily causing hurt to his victim with the pole, and causing mischief by peeling off the padded flooring of his cell while he was in remand over the attack.

A district court heard that the three fans had gathered at the S-11 coffeeshop along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 to watch the match on the evening of Dec 14 last year.

They were discussing the match, which Man City had just won 6-3, when a man wearing a red Arsenal jersey approached them angrily.

The man, who appeared to be in his 50s, demanded to know why they were speaking so loudly. The attack began after they told the man they were merely enjoying themselves and that he did not have to shout.

In handing down the fine, $1,000 of which was for the mischief offence, the court considered the relatively minor injuries Lim had caused to Mr Lian, and $1,544.50 in compensation that he had paid to his victim and the police. It also took into account that Lim had been remanded over the attack for about a week.

For voluntarily causing hurt, Lim, who is unemployed, could have been jailed up to two years and fined up to $5,000.

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