I wrote before about my situation whereby I was hired to replace a pinoy. The pinoy originally declined the job offer but later regretted his decision and was not happy about me being the replacement.

He was eventually sent back to Philippines a few months later but his gang of friends (pinoys also) soon began to employ tricks to make me leave the company so that he can make a comeback.

The tricks involved not teaching the skills/info needed to do my job, hostile stares and badmouthing.

The badmouthing went something like this. The pinoys would observe all your movements and behaviors. Slightest mistake you made and they would exaggerate it and spread to others.

I was sick during one period and took medication which made me drowsy and the pinoys would complain that I kept yawning non-stop during office hours/training/meeting and was not interested in my work.

I overheard this when I entered a meeting through the rear door. I was attacked by more than one pinoy but whether it was coordinated or not, I’m not sure. The badmouthing caused a lot of my non-pinoy colleagues to have a bad impression of me and some even turned hostile towards me. This caused a huge morale drop in me and I must add that I don’t enjoy working much in the company with such bullying tactics taking place. Every day is like a torture for me.

Till this day, after 8 months later, my colleagues still dislike me. I told my HR about this matter and she fed back to my Director. I think he took some remedial action by banning the hiring of more pinoys. But to me, the remaining pinoys can still use this trick to help their own kind – you must salute them for their unity though. A few months later, another perm job opportunity came along and the pinoy was invited back, even though some Singaporeans were still employed as temps during this period. I wondered why he managed to get the perm job whereas those Singaporeans were employed only as temps. After that pinoy came back, the rest of the pinoys became very friendly towards me!

I read before that this sort of badmouthing by pinoys to force other Singaporeans to leave is common so that their friends can get in but I never imagine that this would happen to me!

I’m not expecting MOM to intervene by expelling them but I hope MOM can start profiling all these types of foreigner workers – they are bad hats for the solid work culture that we have cultivated here in Singapore.

Moreover, other foreign workers like the mainland Chinese are known to be mercenary and arrogant and use Singapore as a springboard to elsewhere while the mainland Indians are known to have fake degrees.

I hope MOM can start profiling Filipinos and other foreign workers and start advising HR personnel on what they can do to minimize such workplace bullying.

My last feedback was dismissed by my company as a misunderstanding, which is not. I hope MOM can take this seriously and starts to protect our rights as local Singaporeans in our own country.

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