SG Banker Jobless After Forced to Resign by FT Manager

Hi Gilbert,

Firstly, I want to say thank you for providing a glimpse of hope and support for those facing obstacles in our lives.

I have been actively reading your site and decided to write to you seeking assistance as I am unemployed for over a year.

I have been actively sending out my resume but no avail.

I have exhausted my resources and am expecting the writ of summons in a day or two, which will ultimately lead to my bankruptcy.

I am trying to be positive to avoid depression.

I left my prior banking job in 2013 due to the unpleasant work relationship with my superior.

My role was pretty all right.

I worked with several bosses till the latest superior who is a FT turned PR.

It all changed when my role was diluted to several inclusions of headcounts; I was involved in assisting/mentoring the start-up of various projects in which the deliverable were not to my credit.

To add on, I was the longest serving staff in that department.

My performance rating was exceptional since I joined the company and the latter of average rating was given to me by my ex-FT boss.

The reason being, I did not deliver the expectations where else in actual fact, I have actually contributed equally to all my team members.

These tasks were assigned to me as my portfolio.

Wouldn’t that make my deliverable as I have supported all the projects to completion?

Under this management, I was tasked to take on several roles apart from my core responsibilities (stretched) and covering whenever the primary owner is on leave.

Everyone else has less than my area of responsibilities.

I felt that I was in a game of office politics and I will not be able to hang on for another year, thus triggering my resignation.


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