There were three occasions when I witnessed our Servicemen in their “pixelated un-camouflage” uniform behaving in a disgusting manner on our train.

I need to add that there are more well-behaving Servicemen who would ride their journey standing. The various Armed Forces Chiefs need to re-instill pride, good bearing and decorum to their men. Or do they want me to give that pep talk on their behalf?

The one above was taken on March 19th on the East-West MRT going towards Joo Koon at 1821hrs. The third incident this morning triggered my “sabo” attitude as these men are wearing their RSAF pixelated uniform with the word “SINGAPORE” above their left breast pocket as well as other Formation Sign and their Rank & Name. Guess they were under the wrong impression that these camouflage uniforms could conceal them!

The Chief of Air Force needs to do something fast. Guess the other Chiefs should likewise issue directives soon.

I also saw another two Servicemen on the same train with me who stood as far as I was on the train. So not all are black sheep but the few still give a poor impression to all commuters.

I have sent to STOMP all three photos since about 1240hrs today but am pessimistic that they will publish them. I would just like to add that in my school days as an NCC cadet, we would never sit unless there were no other standing passengers. There was no MRT then. Just our buses. We were conscious of the image we projected of our Corps and our School. And we were just boys!

Lye Khuen Way

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