Dear A.S.S editor,

I am a student from one of the three local universities. To increase my professional experience, I took on an additional internship at a boutique consultancy firm. This firm specializes in the investment advisory and strategic consulting.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be my worst nightmare. A Pakistani full time staff (my direct supervisor) put me through tremendous amount of verbal abuse. She was very impatient with my work performance and lambasted me for the work I delivered from time to time. Initially, I thought that was due to my lack of experience. But as soon as I realized that she is very patient with foreign co-workers, I knew this has something to do with my nationality than my professional experience or the quality of work delivered. The worst personal attack was made when she referred the natural chewing sounds I made as noises. My local friends were being labelled as Excel morons or Stupid or Dumb Singaporeans from time to time by these foreign staff.

Not only that, the two full-time staff who are in-charge of hiring are foreigners which explains why 70% of the staff working in my company are foreigners. My question is our Government doing enough to ensure that Singaporeans-foreigners workers ratio is maintained at a healthy range at the SME level. Clearly from my observations, this is not the case. If your firm’s HR staff consist of ONLY foreigners, how can you expect any local Singaporeans to be hired!

In a company with 70% of the staff being foreigners, I am not saddened by the fact that I am being bullied by this foreign FT. What worries me more would be the serious repercussions of PAP much misguided immigration policies. With the island filled with so many foreigners and our workplace dominated with an abnormally high number of foreigners, such workplace bullying will be more and more common.

P.S: the intent of this letter is to reflect the actual situation on the ground. Thank you.

Best Regards

Darren Goh

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