A Singaporean’s bad experience renting room to Filipinos

Years ago I assisted my mother in law (MIL) in renting out a room of her 3 room flat to have a source of income for her.

The agent brought a serious tenant, two Filipino ladies, who said they like the location which is near their work place (a kindergarten) but they need to move in early because their contract at the kindergarten starts the next week and they want the room to be aircon.

Although we wanted to rent out on a “as it is” condition as my MIL do not want the hacking and noise of installing aircon, we pitied the Filipino ladies who need the place urgently, so we went ahead and had the aircon installed urgently at our cost TRUSTING that we can recover the cost of aircon installation over the term of the 2 year tenancy contract.

Three months into the tenancy, these ladies tell my MIL they are moving because they found a cheaper room, one that they claimed is cheaper by $200. They asked my MIL to reduce the rent by $200 or they move!

I stepped in and said NO, a contract is a contract and they have to respect a contract after all my MIL has been so kind to install an aircon and let them move in early. Despite that reasoning, they still moved, giving us one month notice.

That is not the end, 6 months after they left, they called my MIL to take them back because they have been evicted by their new landlord! I told them no. After that bitter experience with Filipinos, we do not want to rent to Filipinos.

Also no Pinoys

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