It’s not the regular curtain you were expecting. This ‘curtain’ made up of bees lurking outside Stomper Elliot’s​ flat had him thanking his lucky stars that the windows were shut.

The Stomper was shocked to see a swarm of bees outside his 12th-storey flat window at Serangoon Central Block 418 yesterday evening, Jun 29.

According to him, some bees even managed to enter through the air-conditioning vents.

He wrote:

“The bees have their seasonal migration to our residence. Good thing that the windows is shut. They ‘parked’ outside our window.

“The pest busters remarked it is one of the larger swarms.

“After the pest busters came to destroy the bees, there were corpses of the bees at every level of the HDB building.”

Bee invasion in homes seem to be on the rise in Singapore lately.

Just two days ago on Saturday, another Stomper was also shocked by a swarm of bees entering her home in Hougang.

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