Pink Dot 2014 had about 26,000 people gathered in attendance at Hong Lim Park yesterday – the largest number of people gathered at Hong Lim Park in the past six years.

Here’s a glimpse of the people who were there on the ground – why they were there, and what Pink Dot meant to them.

Tommy Yang

Tommy brought his nieces and nephews to Pink Dot. “Some of them are (gay), and some are not… you got to ask their permission,” he replied when I asked about whether he had family members who identified as LGBT.

On how his family and friends reacted when he came out as gay: “Society at that time wasn’t very supportive, but my friends were, and my family were supporting as well. We are Buddhist, so we took a very balanced opinion of things.”

On my observation that older people were rarely seen at the rally: “I think the older ones generally tend to shy away… it’s difficult, it’s not easy (for them to come).”


Goh Lay Kuan, the wife of late theatre pioneer Kuo Pao Kun (pictured with daughter Kuo Jing Hong)



On why she was at Pink Dot: “I came here because my daughter asked me to.”

“I have friends and colleagues who are gay…” she added, when I asked if she knew anyone who identified as LGBT.

She later took pictures with stage actor and director Ivan Heng, who cross dressed as a samsui woman.



Aaron KhooAdrianna Tan, Samantha de Silva (from left to right)


Samantha de Silva, on her second time at Pink Dot:  “I think Pink Dot is a nice vibe, like a happy sort of carnival… family-ish, if I dare say.”

Adrianna Tan on why she is at Pink Dot: “It’s a good time to see my friends once a year – to get a pulse on the different projects that are taking place – those things are really important. It’s heartening.”

Aaron Khoo on why he came to Pink Dot: “I don’t know. (Laughter) I just came to return a mobile phone.”


Neo Swee Lin, one of the first Pink Dot ambassadors (right) with father William Neo (left)



William Neo on why he’s at Pink Dot: “Nobody invited me… I came on my own, with my daughter (Swee Lin) and my son-in-law to support Pink Dot… We are all the same; we are all human beings.” Neo adds: “Every year I’m here. Every year I support Pink Dot.”


Leslie and Vincent, who have been together for the last 10 years


Leslie, on the reasons why he is here for Pink Dot: “I think it’s important to support the freedom to love – regardless of whether you are gay, straight,  bisexual or transgender… “


Kimberly pictured with her boyfriend


On why she is at Pink Dot: “You don’t have to be gay to be here… (I’m here for) food, friends and fun.”



Sisters El and Sarah


Sarah, on why she is at Pink Dot: “Why not?”

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