Filipino New Citizens Abusing PCF Childcare Subsidy Scheme Meant For Low Income Singaporeans

My friend recently shared with me that she is unhappy that new citizens who are formerly filipino citizens are abusing childcare subsidy and they are paying about $8.00 per month when the school fees should be $650.00 per month for full time childcare service.

My friend is baffled. She doubt our government allows low income earners to be Singapore citizens. In addition, if they are really earning low income, why do they have a maid and a car? However, as the new citizen (former filipino citizen) showed her CPF contribution which is very low, she is entitled to the childcare subsidy and thus they only pay about $8.00 per month when others are paying $650.00 per month at the PAP PCF childcare centre. She is also angry as SIngaporeans who are really low-income earners have to pay $35 per month after subsidies.

Perhaps the management and government must be more stringent lest new citizens abuse the subsidy which is meant for low-income earners. My friend suspects that they are self-employed thus they contribute low amount of money to their CPF. The best documentation for childcare subsidy should be income tax document.

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