Dear Editors,

A friend of mine received this letter from a debt collection agency called Advisory Asia Pte Ltd.

The letter was a final reminder to pay a fee of $621.20 which was outstanding to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital from a hospitalization that he suffered last year:

While I get that my friend should have paid for the bill, it has shocked me that he has received such a letter from a debt collection agency that the hospital has undoubtedly paid for their services.

My friend already paid a portion of the bill from his medisave but despite being short on cash at the moment, he was not allowed to use any more from medisave even though he has enough in his account.

The letter also threatened my friend to say that they would “take action” if he did not respond.

I’m confused as to why our public hospitals have to engage debt collectors to harass and chase down Singaporeans.

My friend doesn’t have enough cash at the moment to pay for the fees but has enough locked up in medisave. Despite this, he is unable to pay any more and is required to come up with the balance.

It’s not like he chose to get sick either. Why have our public hospitals become so money minded? 

A Sad Singaporean

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