I am writing this article to you regarding the management of MacDonalds.

Why is Mac filled with foreigner manager but Singaporeans are being controlled by them?

I was working with Macdonald while studying in polytechnic for 2 years.

During my period working with macdonald I felt very reluctant working under foreigner instead of Singaporean .

Imagine around 70% of the manager are foreigner if your able to head into the crew rooms and take a glance at the management .

Not only that the Filipino manager are very arrogant.
Being low paid around $5.50 per hour.
Doing lots of job in the kitchen,lobby and counter
Being scolded by Filipino manager just because you refused to do lobby as your very tired or clarify with them things .

I just wanted to learn new things gaining experiences yet being treated like a pet?

I think the management should take into consideration allowing more Singaporeans to become a manager instead.
There lots of Singaporean there but yet only few became manager .
I believe there are way better candidate than those rude manager .
Just like those Aunty in their 40s , they are hardworking yet not even given a chance to be crew leader.

Why are Macdonald not giving chances to those Aunty who worked for so long in macdonald ?

Not only that those Filipino manager will say :’ bro help me do lobby for an hour then you can go back, but end up you will be doing for 8 hours instead of the hours they promised .

I am being pissed off by the management .
If you were in my shoes being controlled by foreigner how would you feel?

I worked with different restaurant which are around $8/hr-$12/hr .
But quitted the job after working for around 1 and a half year.
I started working as trainee since sec 3 with variety of experiences .
Yet wanted to try out macdonald as I never worked in fastfood restaurant before .

Your sincerely,
Pissed Off MacDonalds Crew

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