Christian leaders must draw ‘clear line’ on Lawrence Khong issue

The first paragraph of the recent statment by Lawrence Khong can be easily used on him:

I find it totally confounding that Pink Dot Lawrence Khong is allowed to promote theirhis agenda. I find it even more disconcerting that the event Christianity is being used as a platform of public persuasion to push their alternative lifestyle. Lawrence Khong's intolerance and ego. 



My letter: 


I continue to be surprised by the lack of any response from Christian leaders with regards to Lawrence Khong's combative stance and his willingness to go head-on with LGBT activists. Even MUIS issued a statement disapproving of the Wear White campaign as it may further inflame the situation. Or maybe Lawrence Khong is just doing the work that no Christian leader is willing to say or do?


Lawrence Khong wrote, “So, why are we giving Pink Dot leeway to promote their alternative lifestyles in such a high profile way?…The gay activists will not stop at just repealing 377A. They will push for more. Ultimately, they want to redefine Love, redefine Marriage, and redefine Family…”


I am not a gay neither am I a supporter of the LGBT activists, but it is normal in a democracy for groups to advocate for more rights. Why should it be the case that Pink Dot cannot advocate for gay rights but FCBC can advocate for family values?? In fact, as a Christian, I have come to understand that this is not a matter of right and wrong,but a matter of respecting the civil liberty of one another. What is right and wrong is clearly written in our Bible, but it does not apply without constrain in secular Singapore. If Lawrence Khong wants, he can organise a White Dot next week and see how many people turn up to support him. 


I would urge all Singapore Christian leaders to reassess if they would continue to let Lawrence Khong represent the faith. This is a pastor who claims that magic and illusions is God's work and that it is the Creator's way of speaking to us. This is a pastor who wears an Armani suit to deliver a sermon and proudly tells the congregation that God has plans for him to be a celebrity star (hence the need to wear branded) so that he can spread Jesus' teachings. This is a pastor who sacked a heavily pregnant staff and refused to compensate her just because she did not “repent” in a certain manner that he wanted her to. This is a pastor that leads a church whose members go around smashing Taoist idols and Chinese ancestral tablets after they converted someone. Is this what Jesus preached? "To love one another as I have loved you."



Lastly,this is a pastor who wants so badly to win an argument, to lead thecharge in his bright shining armour, but is actually losing the hearts and minds of the very people that Christianity wants to bring into its embrace.


P.S.Pink Dot will be held later. I won't be going down because I am not a supporter but I will send a text to my LGBT friends to tell them no matter what I still care for them.

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