Today, the Medishield Life Committee released the premiums Singaporeans have to pay to enjoy Universal Health Insurance Coverage. On the surface the Government assures Singaporeans that premiums will remain affordable and only rise by a little. 

But after seeing the premiums Singaporeans have to pay, the increase is by two to three times. How is this keeping the premiums for Medishield Life affordable for regular Singaporeans? Yes, there are transitional subsidies available but once it ends, how can Singaporeans cope?

Worse still, the Government has the cheek to classify households with a per capita income of $2,600 as Upper Middle Income. How can Singaporeans earning this sort of money be considered Upper Middle income?

Assuming that this "Upper Middle Income" family has 2 working adults contributing to the household income, each working adult would only be earning $1,300 per person per month.

Does a $1,300 per month salary look like an UPPER MIDDLE INCOME salary to you? It is far below Singapore's median income of $3,000 per month. How can this be considered Upper middle income?

Is the Medishield Life Committee so out of touch with the GROUND that it foolishly believes that an adult earning $1,300 per month is considered Upper Middle Income? Or is this the Government's tactic to reduce the number of people they have to help? By classifying low waged Singaporeans as "Upper Middle income", they have more reason to not help them and reduce their spending in helping Singaporeans

Why is the Government being such cheapskates when it comes to helping Singaporeans. By classifying Singaporeans earning $1,300 per month as Upper Middle Income, the government showed its ignorance and lack of ground awareness. If you do not wake up of your slumber soon, you can say sayonara in GE2016.

Sibei Dulan Singaporean 


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