12 Classic Lines Your Parents Used to Scream at You

What can we say? Tough love is the best love.



The dreaded comparison game. Too bad we couldn’t say “why can’t you be more successful like other people?”. Sure kena lightning strike. Or a slap at least.



Because there are so many things that are more fun to do when we get home. Ain’t got no time fo dat shower.


3. You wait. Wait till your father gets home.



4. Did you do what I told you to do this morning?

Maybe we should’ve eaten more gingko nuts.



Not sure which is worse, showing them your crappy results or their forged signatures.


6. Next time then you know.

It’s not a warning. It’s a promise.



Parents… always pushing us to achieve more.



They will never understand how active our brains are at night. Or how important it was to win that last round of Dota/Counterstrike.



Yes, yes the sun shine until our backside already. We know. Zzzzzz… We had to chat with our crush on IRC/ICQ/MSN till 4am. That was important.



I guess we take for granted that they put food on the table. But some things just taste gross.



It’s not messy if we know where to find everything.


12. And the most classic of them all when they are losing an argument, they will then say 


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