I’m a Catholic, I won’t tell you about my church. But I am openly gay, everyone in the church accepts me; well to be honest, it’s us because I am not the only one. This is because our church taught us that God does not hate us. God is like our parent, he does not approve of my relationship but he will accept me for who I am. All God ever wanted for us was to be happy in this world he created.

Just like my own parents, they disapprove of my relationship with another guy but they accept me for who I am, their child. In my church, we were taught not to hate others because one day when it is time to meet our creator, we will still see one another. Then God would ask why we hated each other despite being brothers and sisters. Our church also taught us that the bible was written by men not by God; God merely spoke to his prophets and hoped that what he said will be what was written. Read the bible, but let the Grace that God has given us guide us closer to him.

To all my fellow LGBT friends, don’t let people who hate us get to us. Continue loving one another because God is love. God gave us free will to do what we always wanted, that is to be happy.

To all the bigots who used the bible as an instruction booklet for hating and discriminating us, shame on you. Your actions are akin to forging your parents signature to get what you want but can’t. Stop yourselves from the greatest sin of all, stop hating god’s creation and telling his children what is wrong or right; God is the judge, we have no rights.

Gay Catholic

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