BY LINETTE LAI, Straits Times

SINGAPORE – From September, disabled pioneer generation members will get an extra $100 a month to offset their care expenses.

To qualify, they must have been assessed to need permanent help with at least three of six daily activities. These include: bathing, dressing, eating, using the toilet, moving from their bed to a chair and moving on a level surface.

Those who are on existing assistance schemes, like the Interim Disability Assistance Program for Elderly or the Foreign Domestic Worker Grant, will qualify automatically. Current claimants under disability insurance scheme will also be eligible.

Others who wish to be included must sign up and get themselves certified as disabled by a GP, nurse, or allied health professional.

Sign-ups start from July 1. The application and assessment forms can be downloaded at silverpages.sg/pioneerDAS, and can also be obtained at community centres and social service offices.

They should be emailed or posted to the Agency for Integrated Care, which is administering the programme.

Pioneers – Singaporeans aged 65 and over – currently in nursing homes and other intermediate and long-term care facilities should approach their service providers if they need help in applying for the scheme.

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