I disagree with Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim’s views in the report “Support for a cause should not divide community: Yaacob” (June 23).

Why should the Government allow groups, such as the one that organised the Pink Dot event, to promote alternative lifestyles, yet criticise pro-family groups and consider their expressions of support for a cause or a choice of lifestyle divisive?

The support of family values does not divide the community, but is, instead, consistent with the values held by the majority of Singaporeans.

The recent survey conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies has shown that Singapore remains largely a conservative society. Its findings showed that the majority of those surveyed, whether from religious or non-religious groups, disapproved of sex between two adults of the same sex (“Religious identity strongest in Muslims, Protestants”; June 18). This is in line with the Government’s efforts to build a pro-family society and its stand to not promote alternative lifestyles.

While various civil society groups and activists — including Free Community Church, Maruah and more than 200 individuals — on Sunday issued a joint statement online that said “religion is equally capable of upholding and supporting universal values such as democracy, justice and equality”, they should also recognise that the sanctity of the family is a value held across all major faiths in all societies.


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