Dear Editors,

I am the typical Singaporean, mostly apathetic, mostly nonchalant. To me, the only important things are my loved ones. But recently, there is so much noise and drama on social media about this Pink Dot and Wear White event that it pigued my interest. Even Ministers have to speak out in public and urge all parties to take a moderate stance.

How did it turn to this? How did our chillax little Singapore turn into this circus where people start thinking only about themselves, their needs and ignore the repercussions on others, the feelings of others? When I say this, I am referring to the Catholics, Christians, the Muslims and the Homosexuals. All of you.

All of you are guilty of intolerance and being full of yourselves. It’s as though the whole world revolves only around your needs and wants. How about the others? How about Singaporeans who just wish to lead their lives in relative peace and quiet?

From an outsiders perspective, I see Singaporeans dividing themselves into various groups and quarreling with one another non-stop. How long more do you want to fight and piss off one another? At the end of the day, even if there is a winner, there will be a loser and nothing changes. This feud just goes on non-stop.

To all Religions, why don’t you just keep your holier than thou attitude within the confines of your church or mosque? Nobody appreciates being talked down to. Just because your Holy books (Bible & Quran) says so, doesn’t mean it is the truth for others. You may believe it but that doesn’t means others have to swallow your “truth” wholesale. Why not just leave them alone and preach to your own flock?

To the Homosexuals, why don’t you just carry on with your lifestyle in private? Nobody is going to bother you, nobody will stop you from leading your lives. Singapore is considered a safe haven for the LGBT community already isn’t it? Is there really a desperate need to defend or promote LGBT rights in Singapore? By parading in public your lifestyle, it makes others who disagree uncomfortable and forces them to respond. You have been leading your LGBT lifestyles in comfort and peace, most of you are successful individuals in your own right, so why the need make it such a public spectacle?

This way, you can all lead your desired lives and yet not piss off others who disagree with you. The solution is so simple but yet now all of you prefer to fight it out in public.

This silly public spectacle reminds me of what a friend used to tell me in hokkien “jiak ba siu eng si bo”? In plain Singlish, it means ” EAT TOO FULL, NOTHING BETTER TO DO IS IT”?

Arjun C

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