“In NS, we have few kinds of people. Those who want to do their best (or wayang??) and go command school. Their NS life is primarily their life in command school. What lies in their unit after command school is basically bullshit, cos all that means to them is their command school experience. They gain little from NS but are bayonet/sword holders in SCS/OCS.

Secondly, there are those who can make it to command school and genuinely do their best to make use of their ranks to make SAF a better place. They generally screw up their life in command school but just skim through it enough to get their rank. When they enter their unit life, they, ironically end up being the true – blue commanders to lead by example. For them, NS is where the bonds are made and they gain a lot more in NS. This is where my PS belongs to.

Thirdly, there are those who do not make it to command school but carry on with life. They go to their unit and just do what they are told. They work in the hope that they still continue to do something meaningful. They eventually end up losing their sense of thought and emotions to stand for what they feel is right. At the end of their NS, they feel NS has made their brains rabid and they complain they have not attained their materialistic objectives in NS. They did not make it to command school; they did get appreciated for what they do but only cursed and swore upon the heat of a mission exercise. These are their common musings. However, deep in their heart, they know that they have done their service rightfully and it is because of this experience, that, they gain so much temperance, teamwork and the mind to treat every individual for who he is, rather than his background.

Fourthly, there are individuals who get injured during NS and end up going for surgery. They do not make it to command school or get dropped out. These guys dwell in the shadows of the forbidden and their names, if ever brought up, only evokes hatred and negativity in the hearts of other NSFs and NSmen. They despise the system and scorn about it. They take up minion positions like storemen, drivers and clerks but, are undeniably, the backbone of logistics, the very heart of army. They hate it, not because they did not gain anything from the system. They hate it for it’s very treatment of NSFs like themselves, who get categorized as ‘geng kia’ but from whom, tactically, the entire regular force, of varying ranks and vocations, get their dog – jobs performed. They work longer hours than the combatant and are always the ‘First In, Last Out’ in every exercise. Their lives are varied. Theres one group, who stays – out and theres another group, which stays – in the company line, with the troopers (only to get looked down upon).

I am a stay – in storeman, who got my vocation, not because i wanted to relax, but because i got an injury, for which i had to undergo surgery. I am more than happy to do my work as a storeman, because, deep in my heart, i know i am of vital significance to the fighting force and the planning. People (the sergeants ) have asked me why I work to overwork myself. I do it not because I am going to gain anything from army. But, because, I want to make the lives of the people around me better in such a authoritative environment, where the rank, which commands respect, has ultimately lost its significance. NSFs view it merely as a tool for soldiers to push their tasks to subordinates and for bossing around the minions. Regulars, view it, as a prospect of earning more money and getting their long term standing in army. “

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