Dear A.S.S Editors,

My Malaysian girlfriend shared this terrible incident which happened at Melaka's A'Famosa Resort. She found a pin hole camera in her resort bathroom recording her every action.



When she visited the resort, she noticed a weird looking hook by the side of the bathroom room. As the colour of the hook did not match the colour combination of the bathroom, she thought it was strange and took a closer look at it. She was shocked when she saw the little pin hole camera lens at the top portion of the clothes hook.


She pulled the hook off the wall and her suspicion was confirmed. Inside the hook was a USB port and a micro sd card for recording of what holiday-goers do in the privacy of their bathrooms. Even when she complained to the Management of A'Famosa Resort, the Management refuse to take responsibility and she had no choice but to make a police report.

Please be aware of this ridiculous incident and be careful of pin hole cameras in the bathroom. Singaporean tourists to Melaka please beware of this incident and check for such devices! Rumours online say that such private videos are being sold online.

Hui Ting

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