A sharp rise in the number of dengue cases was reported in recent weeks and this will likely continue as Singapore heads into the hotter months where a higher transmission of dengue is seen. One “mega cluster” was identified in Hougang and Serangoon, where over 600 cases have been reported.

Of the 106 dengue cases reported in the mega cluster which includes Da Silva Lane and Simon Road, the majority of them were found in landed properties. Da Silva Lane and Simon Road are situated in WP controlled areas.

Why after so many years, this dengue problem cannot be eradicated? Is PAP trying to fix WP again?

Is this what Old Fart Lee meant when he said Aljunied residents will regret and repent for 5 years after GE2011?

Is the PAP up to its dirty tricks again, using underhanded means to hit back at the Opposition? Why is NEA so lousy in its anti-dengue mop up?

Residents are already clearing stagnant water daily and re-angled their gutter to prevent the trapping of water. What else can residents do?

So what if NEA officers have been making monthly visits to resident’s homes to inspect and spray insecticide. So what if for the past two weeks, 200 NEA officers were deployed daily to this mega cluster.

If there is no results, no improvement in the dengue situation, it means that the PAP is incompetent and useless. So what if we supported WP, we are still Singaporeans, It is your job to do whatever it takes to solve our problems and make us satisfied.

Solve the problem now!

Disgruntled Resident Jackie

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